Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dressing room Diaries

Spring is creeping up on us and with a new season comes a slew of wants.  It always seems to be that during the release of these newbies I'm broke! (sigh) Well I have learned quickly what I can do to offset the cost of updating my wardrobe.  No matter where you are I am sure you have a consignment/thrift shop close.  I sell some of my clothing that I haven't worn in a while and in turn have a little cash that helps in the new purchases.  The looks above were from my most recent visit.  I was trying to go for a more spring wardrobe but there were SO many pieces that were just perfect!  The green Tahari rain vest was in perfect condition and the faux fur jacket still had tags on it!!   Even though I passed on these I did come home with a great pair of shoes that I will try to post soon! 
What are your fav consignment/thrift store scores?


Monday, March 3, 2014

All Black

I love an all black outfit.  Do you have those pieces that just feel perfect?  Well this was it for me.  I was in such a rush that morning and pulled some of my favorite items and it worked.  Oh.  So.  Well.    I paired some super comfy DKNY leggings (similar here and here) with THE most perfect draped top that I found at TJMaxx.  It was a bit chilly so I added my faux fur cape that I scored at a thrift shop. I kept it super simple with gold chain cuffs and leopard shoes.  


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thigh HI

 If you follow me on my Instagram you already know that I've been super sick for about 2 weeks I'm finally on the mend and so glad for it!  The flu hit our house pretty viciously, kinda had my hubby and I fighting over the herbal teas and meds. :) Hopefully you all are doing well! 

Now moving on to the fun things...  The thigh high boot is everywhere and has been for a while now.  These were a purchase about 3 years ago and are still in rotation.  These particular boots are best paired with very slim fit skinnys.  A good way to feel put together and still chic is to pair them up with a more conservative look.  I paired my boots with my fav skinnys, old trench, and simple button down, quick and easy.  I topped off my look with a low messy bun.  Hope everyone is having a great week!! 



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Savannah Love

This was my first time to Savannah and I do have to admit that I fell in love with this charming little town!  Huge fan right here of cities that are pedestrian friendly with shops/restaurants scattered throughout.  I loved that there were green spaces every couple of blocks, each displaying a plaque with some relevant history.  I feel like a lot of thought went into maintaining the historical aspects of the city yet still capturing that cool downtown vibe.  With that being said it didn't hurt that SCAD is located right in the middle of it all. (Next post I will showcase some of my fav shops in Savannah, so more on SCAD later) 
Ok so from top to bottom in pics:
1.  Kickin my feet up on the ride.  My fav Converse
2.  Picture frame I found in a boutique near the river 
3.  T-shirt from the Savannah Bee Company (which by the way also has a mead tasting- pretty cool since I've never tried honey wine)
4.  Beautiful stairs near the river, I had to kick everyone off so I could take a pic ;)
5.  Guess what ya'll?!? I met Paula!!! Ok, well I had a convo with a cardboard life size Paula Deen so that kind of counts.... 
6.  At Paula's restaurant 'The Lady and Sons'.  Had some fried chicken, to die for cranberry sangria and a yummy appetizer.  

What are some of your fav walkable cities to visit??


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Team Spirit

Today was a busy day that included a stop at a clients to check on a project I have going on right now and chasing my girls.  I finished off the day with my family and got my daughter to take a quick snap of me before the light faded.  Hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving! I guess its actually closer to Christmas now.... eeekkkk I am so not ready!!

H&M tee shirt, Blank white skinnys (I like these also), Gap denim jacket